Birthday Parties


Q: How long is the party & how is it structured?
A: The party is an hour and a half long. The first half of the party is in our play area and lasts approximately 50 min. The remaining time is in the birthday room.

Q: What type of equipment do you have for the children to use?
A: The room consists of (3) bouncers (both jump-only & obstacle) & multi-level climb / slide equipment.

Q: What is the best age for your parties?
A: We provide fun & excitement for children of ages 2-8

Q: Are socks & shoes necessary?
A: Yes, your child & guests should wear shoes & socks, though when the using the play area your child will be required to take of their shoes to use the bouncers.

Q: Is food & cake included?
A: Yes, we provide pizza, juice & a standard bakery ring cake with a choice of vanilla or chocolate for your guests. You can bring your own personalized cake and any special needs food.

Q: Can I bring outside food?
A: Yes & No. You can bring any outside food that can not be provided from our menu.

Q: Will I be charged for siblings of guests?
A: No, any one of any age can attend the party and use the equipment. You will only be charged for the Minimum requirement & for the children that participate in the Birthday party Room, take a favor & eat the provided food for the children.

Q: What if my child or guest has a food allergy?
A: We recommend that the allergy is presented to us in advance & that you supply that child with the proper food. Our pizza is peanut oil free & the cakes are processed where nuts are used.

Q: Can I extend my party?
A: No, due to the scheduling of our party times we can not extend the time.

Q: When & how can I pay the balance?
A: The required deposit is $100 and is need at the time of booking. The balance is paid at the end of your party in cash, check or credit.

Q: Is tax & gratuity included?
A: No, tax is added to final balance of your party bill & gratuity is greatly appreciated by our party staff.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: A party can be cancelled no sooner than 3 weeks prior to the party. To receive a full refund on the deposit all of the invitations must be returned. A party may be rescheduled at any time.

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